Sjøvik has developed a professional vessel-management team to ensure the efficient and effective running of vessel operations. The team includes onshore and on-board professionals who are experienced in engineering, quality control, personnel management, and vessel logistics.

Factory Trawling

Sjøvik has operated factory trawlers since 1973.

Sjøvik has operated in co-operation the trawler Karelia II since 2001, processing frozen cod, haddock, and redfish fillets, as well as producing fishmeal, and canning liver. In 2006 Sjøvik started operating off the coast of Western Sahara, where the freezing trawler Midøy Dakhla 1 catches mackerel, horse mackerel, sardinella, and sardines.

Dredging for Scallops and Clams

Between 1986 and 1999 Sjøvik developed new technology to catch and process scallops in the Barents Sea and – in a later joint venture with one of the largest Canadian fishing companies – clams in Canadian waters. In 1989 Sjøvik also researched viable scallop fishing in Argentina, using the factory vessel Seabay Alpha. Although resourceful fishing grounds were discovered, the operation was discontinued because of the political situation at the time. Today a substantial scallop fishery has been established in Argentina based on Sjøvik’s findings, and one of the biggest fishing grounds has been named the "Seabay Alpha" field after Sjøvik’s pioneering vessel.


Between 1994 and 2002 Sjøvik managed 12 longliners owned by a fishing company based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka in Russia. The management covered fishing operations, maintenance, the purchase of spares and materials, transporting the catch, product sales, budgeting, and general administration. Sjøvik was appointed by the German bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, which financed the project at the time.

Purse Seining

From 1945 Sjøvik owned and operated its own purse seining vessels. In 1999 Sjøvik bought Midøy Fiskeriselskap AS, which owned a combined purse seiner/trawler with an on-board processing factory and cold store. As the market price in Norway for such activities was very high, Sjøvik sold the venture in August 2007.