Vessel Management

Sjøvik provides a full range of ship-management services for both its own and its clients’ fishing vessels. The Sjøvik Group’s experience covers a broad range of fishing-vessel types, including:

- Factory freezer vessels

- Freezer trawlers

- Purse seiners

- Longliners

Composed of a team of professionals, Sjøvik provides the following ship-management services:

- Operational management

- Technical support and vessel inspections

- Crew management and training

- Financial management

Sjøvik also provides specialized fishing and processing services, including:

- Development and implementation of fishing plans

- Quota management

- Design of processing lines and equipment

- Fishing gear selection and design

Safety Management System

To ensure safe working practices and a safe working environment at sea, Sjøvik’s vessels adhere to the ISM (International Safety Management) Code.

Maintenance and Planning System

The Sjøvik Group employs the highest information technology standards at sea and onshore to maximize operating and cost efficiencies. Sjøvik’s IT system ensures that vessels operate effectively by providing for planned maintenance, spare part management, purchasing, budgeting, and document management.

The system also promotes efficiency by facilitating catch and production reporting, quota management, and crew management. Daily data replication ensures that current operating and production data is available to shore management, ship personnel, and customers.