Grievance mechanism


1. Preamble

Sjøvik supports and respects internationally recognized human rights.

Sjøvik has established an operational-level grievance mechanism to ensure that outcomes and remedies accord with internationally recognized human rights standards. The mechanism is not limited to matters that raise human rights issues.

The grievance mechanism does not have the force of a judicial process. The mechanism is based on the presumption that the parties involved are willing to reach a voluntary resolution. The grievance mechanism does not supersede legal mechanisms. Sjøvik reserves the right to refer matters to the courts if the severity of any allegations makes such a course of action necessary.

2. Designated Contact

Sjøvik’s Director of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for overseeing matters relating to the grievance mechanism. Any requests, including all questions and comments relating to Sjøvik’s activities, must be directed to the Director of Human Resources at, or by calling +4771270200.

3. Procedures

All requests will be acknowledged in the first instance.

It is important that the person making the request states whether they require confidentiality. Such a confidentiality requirement will not prevent requests from being considered, but in some circumstances might limit or preclude the company’s ability to act. Confidentiality might also limit the company’s ability to provide full disclosure following an investigation made under the grievance mechanism, such as maintaining the anonymity of the person who made the request.

The Director of Human Resources will process the request initially, and will – whenever possible, and in a mutually acceptable environment – initiate a dialogue between the company and the person making the request, allowing for issues and possible solutions to be discussed openly.

When appropriate, the Director of Human Resources will arrange meetings with the person who made the request in order to explain the investigation process, to discuss possible solutions, and to seek their agreement.

External assistance will be arranged if the need for such assistance is considered to be appropriate by the Director of Human Resources. Providers of external assistance may include NGOs, academic institutions, or state/statutory agencies. If relevant, measurers will be discussed with affected stakeholders before being implemented.

The length of time needed to process a request is dependent on the nature of the request itself, and the measures deemed necessary to investigate it. The person who made the request will receive regular updates during the investigation.

Whilst the Director of Human Resources is empowered to determine how the company deals with requests, they are also at liberty to ask the board of directors for decisions or advisory opinions. All grievance mechanism decisions must be reported to the board of directors.

Grievance mechanism decisions must be made known to the person who made the request. If the decision is relevant to other people, Sjøvik will provide information to affected groups or other stakeholders as necessary. The person who deals with such request on behalf of the company will choose how to communicate the decision. Their choice must be based on deliberations with the parties involved, the need for information about the grievance mechanism’s effectiveness, and any considerations that might limit full disclosure in the case.

4. Further Information

Sjøvik can be contacted for further information about its grievance mechanism. Sjøvik endeavours to ensure that all parties have reasonable access to the information, advice, and expertise needed to engage in the grievance mechanism.