Sjøvik’s Values

The Sjøvik Group’s core values are at the heart of everything it does. They are the guiding principles that govern how Sjøvik works and how it conducts business. Sjøvik’s four core values are:


The Sjøvik Group means and does exactly what it says. In serving the fishing industry for more than 100 years, Sjøvik’s national and international clients have come to trust Sjøvik as a reliable service provider. It is absolutely clear that the high degree of trust that clients place in Sjøvik has been significant to Sjøvik’s success.


Knowledge is a central pillar of the Sjøvik Group, and such knowledge has come from education and experience. History shows that Sjøvik has first-hand industry experience, and some of Sjøvik’s senior managers even started their careers working aboard Sjøvik vessels. In fact, ever since the company was originally formed, many of Sjøvik’s employees have gained the advantage of experience by working aboard Sjøvik ships. Sjøvik is equipped with the very best industry advantage: first-hand knowledge.

Quality Conscious

Sjøvik fishes in the Barents Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean west of Africa, where fish graze on the richest ocean pastures in the world. Sjøvik’s goal is that when people eat its fish, the fish should taste as if it has just been hauled over the side of one of our vessels.

Social Responsibility

Sjøvik is socially responsible about how it fishes and how it conducts business. Sjøvik has produced its own Code of Conduct, and its employees are all aware of the importance of social responsibility. Sjøvik has been conscious of its responsibilities ever since the company was established in 1903, and Sjøvik has always conducted its fishing accordingly: it is Sjøvik’s way of assuring the world that it is here for the long haul.