Our vessel

Sjøvik AS is operating a pelagic trawler through the subsidiary company Sjovik Morocco S.A. The vessel is called F/V "Midoy Dakhla 1". The vessel is well maintained and are known for bringing on shore first class fish products.

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“Midøy Dakhla 1”

F/V "Midoy Dakhla 1", ex F/V "Midøy Viking", has been in Sjøvik's ownership since 1999. The vessel is a combined trawler and purse seiner with a freezing capacity of up to 100 tons per 24 hrs. She was upgraded in 2005/2006 with new Main Engine and Shaft Generator and tuned for operation in warm waters. Since April 2006 she has been in operation in Dakhla in the ownership of Sjovik Morocco SA, fishing Sardin, Sardinella, Mackerel and Horse Mackerel as the main species.