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Melanogrammus aeglefinus

You´ll find Haddock in 40 to 300 meters along the coast from Stad to the west of Svalbard of Norway. It thrives best on flat areas with sand, clay or gravel. It eats small benthic, squid and fish. Young haddock in the Barents Sea is relatively sedentary, while larger fish long distances. Haddock become sexually mature in two to five years, when it is between 40 to 60 cm long. The spawn between March and June and the main spawning grounds are on the banks off northern Norway. The fry drift with the currents and applying the bottom when they are eight to 11 inches long.

Nutrition information (100 g)

Protein 16,6 g
Saturated fatty acids 0,1 g
Selen 30 µg
Cholesterol 46 g

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